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Integration of backend systems to eCommerce platforms remains one of the biggest challenges during implementation.  Creation of the “pipes” which carry catalog, pricing, order status, inventory data, and user information between the eCommerce site and backend systems typically represents the biggest drain on time and resources during an implementation.


Created to mitigate the challenges associated with systems integration, Ignition Commerce’s data conversion application, named “Transform”, accelerates the integration of the  eCommerce platform with a client’s backend systems, regardless of type, by allowing a client to send and receive data without changing their current processes or data structure.  Transform receives a client’s data in its current format and translates the data into a format that is easily consumed by the eCommerce platform.   As a result,  Ignition Commerce achieves an 80% reduction in times related to disparate systems integration through the use of Transform.  Additionally, through its ability to integrate multiple systems using native file formats, Transform also achieves an 80% reduction related to Client IT involvement during integration, mitigating a common objection during the sales process.

Click Here to download a Case Study on Transform

  • ​Following are the details related to Transform’s functional capabilities:

  • Converts all commercially accepted data formats, including Fixed Length, XML, REST, EDI, CSV, JSON, Tab Delimited, & XML

  • Utilized for the conversion & transfer data of the leading eCommerce, OMS, ERP, & merchandising system providers, including:

  • eCommerce: Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), SAP Hybris, Oracle Commerce (ATG)

  • Order/Warehouse Management & ERP: IBM Sterling Commerce, JDA, Manhattan Associates, SAP, Aptos, Mainstreet Commerce, JDEdwards, Storis      

  • Marketplace: Amazon, Ebay      

  • Merchandising: M19      

  • Point of Sale: Aptos (Epicor)

  • Cloud based and currently hosted at AWS and Azure.

  • Ships with highly functional and intuitive interface where Clients can modify and add integrations.

  • Critical Differentiator: Unlike other ESB and middleware products, where highly specific and mature skill sets are required to work within the software, Transform requires a developer to possess only basic JavaScript knowledge to effectively manage, maintain, modify, and add integrations within the application.

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