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Retail Extension Salesforce Terminal

Ignition Commerce has developed a Retail Extension Salesforce Terminal (REST) application which empowers Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers to extend their web presence to pop-up locations and empower their retail staff with POS functions on a tablet.  The mobility and flexibility afforded by the application solve multiple business problems and are especially valuable in mitigating obstacles created by the COVID-19 virus.

Similar to an Apple Store experience, REST allows shoppers to approach any staff member in the store and checkout, browse, read product reviews or order items not available in store.  The application also accelerates the checkout experience by empowering retail staff to “shop on behalf” of a customer if they have a storefront account thereby populating both saved addresses and payment instruments with a single touch.  

Retail Extension Salesforce Terminal Features:

  • Buy Online Pickup In Store - Shoppers are geolocated to their nearest store and can view store level inventory at the SKU level.  Shoppers can build a basket, checkout and elect to pick up the order at their preferred store.

  • Buy Online Return In Store - Customers can bring items to a store and return items purchased on the web.  Customers can be looked up by name or order number and REST supports returning some or all of the items. 

  • Curbside Pickup - Shoppers may elect to stay in their cars and alert staff when they arrive.  During checkout, shoppers can enter identifying information that makes curbside pickup easier (car make / model / license plate).

  • In Store Fulfillment - Agents are alerted when a BOPIS order is placed in their store.  When the items are picked, the store associate simply marks the item as ready for pickup and the customers receives a text that the order is ready

  • App-Like UI – Agents can search, navigate, add to cart and quickly checkout with an intuitive POS style UI

  • Barcode Scanner – Scan a bar code at an event or in-store and add the item to cart.  REST leverages the tablet camera to act as a scanner.     

  • Payment Processing – REST pairs with a VeriFone hardware device to process cards away from the traditionally crowded, anchored POS terminal    

  • Inventory Check– On the Product Detail Page, a merchant can view stock levels in nearby stores or warehouses

  • Customer Data Collection – Ability to create a new customer at an event or in-store

  • Shipping Method Option – Supports cash and carry, credit and carry or carry a portion of the order and ship other items.  This is especially useful at popup events or when purchasing bulky or drop-ship items.

  • Shop on Behalf – Store staff can lookup shoppers who have an account to use their saved addresses and view previous orders.

  • Paperless Receipt – Orders placed through REST leverage the SFCC email functionality to send order confirmation without physically handing a receipt to the shopper.

  • Touchless Checkout – Customers can insert their credit card into the reader without touching the reader surface.  When the card is authorized, the clerk instructs the shopper to remove their card keeping both shopper and clerk safe.

  • Store Queue Management – In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the REST application includes functionality to assist retail clerks in managing the number of people allowed into the store.  The goal of this feature is to maintain a safe location both within the retail area and outside the store.  As local ordinances limit the number of people in a store, this feature will enforce compliance and allow shoppers to safely wait in their cars or at distance without fear of losing their position in queue.  Store Queue Management will keep shoppers safe, keep retailers in compliance with local ordinances and keep customers from crowding the entrance in disorder. The application will:

o    Allow business users to set a customer threshold number at the store level.  As square footage can vary by location, this attribute will allow for variance at the store level.

o    Retailers will display signage in front of their stores instructing shoppers to send a text with the number of people in their party to join the queue.  If the current occupancy is below the threshold, a reply will be sent alerting the customer that they can enter.  This will also increase the current occupancy count by the party number.

o    If the store is at threshold, the shopper will receive a text letting them know their position in queue and assuring them that they will be alerted when they are permitted to enter.

o    In the REST header, the SQM icon changes color when the queue is at threshold.  As the sales reps escort shoppers who have completed their purchases out of the store, they will select the icon and adjust the number of customers present.  As the number is adjusted down, the next customer(s) in queue will receive a text. In the same screen, the sales rep will see the number of people in queue.

o    Sales reps can resend messages to customers who are invited in but do not show up or remove them from queue.  Reps can also reorder a party’s queue position manually via drag and drop.

o    When a customer arrives at the door, the Sales rep can view the queue by selecting the SQM icon and will ask the shopper for the last 4 numbers of their phone number.  The rep can confirm that they are next in queue and that the number in the shopping party matches the value in REST.  The rep will select the shopper’s number from the queue and manually adjust the customer count if necessary.

o    If the patron count remains above threshold for 5 minutes, the REST app will display an alert so that the sales rep(s) can scan the store to confirm that the current count is accurate.  Reps will be able to manually adjust the count if shoppers left the store without escort.

Click Here to download a full list of features and functionalities.

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