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My Style Room Customizer

For its clients in "Home" vertical, Ignition Commerce has created the "My Style" room customization and collaboration application, referred to as “My Style”. It was developed by Ignition Commerce to serve two primary purposes:

  • For Consumers: †To provide consumers with the ability to create personalized room designs that can be shared with others through email and social networking sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Houzz and Twitter.

  • For Clients:  To provide clients that offer interior design services with the ability to engage customers in a collaborative process of room design through the creation and sharing of “Idea Boards” that can be shared via email between a consumer and internal interior design resources.

Beyond the room design and collaboration capabilities, the “My Style” application is fully integrated with the eCommerce storefront's catalog, "My Account", and shopping cart, providing the following benefits in the process:

  • Single Administrative Tool:  Using the eCommerce application's administrative tool, all product and navigational changes to the eCommerce Site are automatically inherited by the “My Style”application, eliminating the time and cost associated with managing multiple applications and databases.

  • Additional Revenue: Through an integration with the eCommerce shopping cart, all product selected by consumers for their individual room designs is immediately available for purchase

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