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Ignition Commerce Products

Ignition Commerce has created and productized its own intellectual products to solve common retailing problems and to accelerate site launches. More than just a traditional system integrator, Ignition Commerce's management team has spent decades as retailers and e-commerce site operators.  Our unique retail perspective has allowed us to create point products that specifically address common needs for the online retail market.



To simplify the integration of a new eCommerce platform with a client's internal systems, Ignition Commerce has created the “Transform” data conversion application.


Transform converts the data sent to and from the e-commerce platform into a format which is easily consumed by the receiving system, eliminating the complexity usually associated with typical integrations.




For our clients in the home improvement and home furnishings verticals, Ignition Commerce has created the "My Style" Room Planning and Collaboration application.  


Fully integrated with the catalog, cart, and "My Account" elements of the e-commerce platform, "My Style" allows customers to design their own rooms by placing merchandise contained in the e-commerce catalog over uploaded images of their own rooms.  Individual rooms designs, referred to "Idea Boards", can be saved and shared with a client's internal interior designers as part of a collaboration. 


Product Customizer

Empowering retailers to sell customizable products with dozens of individual areas of personalized potential, the Ignition Commerce Product Customizer allows shoppers to create products that reflect their unique style.

The Product Customizer has been utilized in the home goods, furniture and sporting goods industries.



Retail Extension Salesforce Terminal was developed so that retailers can maximize their investment in Commerce Cloud by extending their storefront into retail and popup locations.

Specifically, REST can solve the following, common omni-channel needs in a 4 week implementation:

  • Buy Online Pickup In Store

  • Buy Online Return In Store

  • Curbside Pickup

  • In-Store Fulfillment

  • POS Functions

  • Automated Store Visitor Management

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