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Since the inception of its Salesforce Commerce Cloud practice in mid-2010, Ignition Commerce has successfully delivered 24 implementations of the Site Genesis eCommerce platform.  Additionally, Ignition Commerce has developed multiple areas of expertise related to Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementations, as described below:


In the course of delivering 24 implementations of Site Genesis and providing post-launch support, Ignition Commerce has completed 90+ Salesforce Commerce Cloud specific third-party integrations.  When appropriate, the integration was developed as a reusable module.


As an early adapter of Salesforce Commerce Cloud's innovations, Ignition Commerce has not only utilized but excelled in the delivery of the latest functional enhancements available through Site Genesis.   ​


Through the use of our reference applications and a strict adherence to Oracle Commerce and Salesforce Cloud Commerce “Best Practices”, development related to day-to-day site support and larger scale functional enhancements is completed in much shorter timeframes, ultimately providing a client with the reduced cost of on-going site support & maintenance. ​

Ignition Commerce implemented over 50 Site Genesis sites and was one of the first Systems Integrators to build a site on Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA).

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Since 2007, Ignition Commerce has created and provided products and services which greatly simplify the ownership and on-going maintenance typically associated with leading e-commerce software.

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