Throughout its history as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Systems Integrator, Ignition Commerce has consistently embraced the latest Site Genesis innovations, many times serving as the catalyst in a client’s decision to adopt new functional and product introductions provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  As a result, Ignition Commerce has gained critical experience and expertise while providing to multiple clients the innovations that are important elements of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s product roadmap, as described below: 


Controllers: Implementation of Version upgrade, introduced by Salesforce Commerce Cloud in spring 2016 and featuring new JavaScript Controller Development Methodology, which Ignition Commerce was the first to utilize in upgraded sites for two clients.  


Einstein: Implementation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud's predictive product recommendation engine for multiple clients

Digital Store Solution:  Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Digital Store Solution to enable in-store sales utilizing the Site Genesis eCommerce catalog.  Ignition Commerce successfully completed the first of two beta implementations in 2013 and then the largest implementation in 2015.

Responsive Design: Implementation of optimized site experience matching consumer’s browser for multiple clients.

Wordpress:  Implementation of Demandware’s Labs Wordpress Cartridge for multiple clients.


In Store Availability: Implementation of mechanism which allows consumers to search for available inventory at a retail location within a user defined search radius.  Completed for multiple clients.